The “Gemmae” of our production

The Cortese Gavi D.o.c.g, is a wine of fascinating freshness with a sophisticated flavor to rediscover.

The Cuvée Brut, is lively and elegant, Cortese-based, with native white grapes.

The Barbaresco D.o.c.g, is an intense and exciting red wine with ruby to garnet hues from 100% Nebbiolo grapes.

Nebbiolo D.o.c., is a seductive, robust, and spicy wine ruby red color with garnet-orange hues.

Please find out about them one by one.


Barbaresco DOCG

Intense red wine, with ruby to garnet hues, comes from 100% Nebbiolo grapes, giving timeless emotions. A wine for winter evenings with a sensitive and stimulating nature accompanies tasting genuine dishes and combines conversation and silence interspersed with a sip of pure pleasure.



A wine with heady freshness enveloped in shades of black cherry and rose that give it a sophisticated flavor. You can enjoy it from aperitifs to hors d’oeuvres to the most refined dishes of fish, shellfish, and meats of all kinds, even with the legendary “ravioli.”


Cuvée Brut

Cortese-Based wine with native white grapes, this masterpiece gives us an intense, dry bouquet with floral hints and a fine, persistent perlage. Lively and elegant, excellent as an aperitif that also pairs very well with fish of all kinds, with white meats, poultry, rabbit, and, at the end of a meal, with desserts.


Nebbiolo DOC

This wine comes from 100% Nebbiolo grapes and has a ruby red color with garnet-orange highlights. It’s a robust, spicy wine with soft tannins on the finish that finds its natural pairing with beef, chicken, and pork dishes. Excellent with cold cuts and aged cheeses, but also with delicate first courses such as risotto or lasagna.