High-quality products

Based on a strong passion for wine and the Gavi territory, our project started in 2019 with a precise main goal: “to create high-quality wines.”
The purchase of vineyards on the hills of Capriata d’Orba aggregated to Cascina Polastra revived the ancient passion of our grandparents and great-great-grandparents.

The aggregation of other vineyards and the desire to gather the impetus from the past resulted in the creation of the agricultural company Cascina La Polastra and the brand of the same name, which consists of quality wines such as Gavi Docg, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco, and Cuvee Brut. The ripe fruit of a deeply rooted story of love for wine and our land.

Our Wines


Barbaresco DOCG




Cuvée Brut


Nebbiolo DOC