The irresistible charm of the grape harvest

Silvia is a “monferrina” (Monferrato is her birthplace) who has always been fascinated by grape harvesting and loves to press grapes and make wine. The project, however, started through her meeting with Claudio Gemme, a descendant of a family of wine producers in the Gavi area.

This meeting was a harbinger of many future development goals as Claudio conveyed to Silvia a visionary enthusiasm for producing high-quality wines. Thus this partnership allowed her to strengthen her love for the land and “making.”

A law degree and past work in real estate have trained Silvia in contractual issues, and she came to know many people looking for prestigious houses and land with vineyards.

This search has become the “fil rouge” of her experience. Silvia has always been fond of golf, which has allowed her to get close to major Italian wine-makers. This attitude expanded and enriched her knowledge in a broad and ever-evolving field.

Silvia and Claudio are looking forward to achieving their following goals, which are ever closer and more attainable, through the commitments they have already made to plant new vineyards to produce “bubbly rosé” and complete their range.