Fragrances and flavors

La Polastra has a tasting tour at the winery in the pipeline that will soon be designed and communicated. In addition, musical events, workshops, and opportunities for conviviality and exploration will target wine ambassadors, journalists, artists, and insiders.

The protagonists will be quality wines paired with genuine dishes for moments of pleasant meditation and entertainment, in compliance with all safety regulations and in line with the sober and elegant style that distinguishes the winery and its wine project.

Everything is in harmony with the characteristics of an intimate and noble territory outside the traditional itineraries and destinations of the best-known Piedmont. A “land against the tide,” ancient hinterland of the Genoa Lordship, ideal for slow tourism, including hiking or horseback riding and mountain biking, trekking, history discoveries, art and archaeology, sports, fashion, luxury, and relaxation, surrounded by greenery.