We boast a history based on passion and love for our land

As early as five hundred years ago, the Gemme, perhaps Gems, Giuseppe, and Carlo, two “Lanzichenecchi,” that is, soldiers of fortune, on their way home, discovered a lush hilly area crossed by the Lemme River and came across Gavi. This strategically located village remained the halfway hub of the only road from Genoa to the North for centuries.

Attracted by these magnificent lands, the Gemme family moved toward Rovereto di Gavi and, following the Lemme River, toward Bassignana, now Francavilla Bisio. Grandfather Gemme’s accounts show that his ancestors Giuseppe and Carlo had fallen in love with these lands. So they set up their first vineyards, later stopping in their ancestor’s homeland, the Boffalora farmstead.

Our first vineyards were born on the slopes of the hills that, via the Parodine road from Capriata to San Cristoforo and then to Gavi, skirt the “Cascina La Polastra”: the Nebbiolo, the Barbera, the Dolcetto, and the “Cortese,” today’s excellent Gavi wine. The project was born from the legendary grape harvests when wine was made by crushing grapes with the feet.

A project that is still young but has a solid foundation and deep roots; it will soon evolve to produce bubbles, the result of re-plantings with the choice of grapes that will create something exceptional.