The Gavi area

Although geographically located in Piedmont, the Gavi area offers glimpses and flavors pervaded by nearby Liguria’s warm, salty air. In the vineyards that embellish a landscape of unspoiled beauty, one often breathes in the “marine” that comes from the coast (only 40 kilometers away), bringing considerable vine growth benefits.

Thanks to the favorable microclimate, the terroir is fertile, whose distinctly continental traits are ‘enriched’ by the marine wind that blows over the sunny hills across the Apennines. This ‘mix’ between ‘snow’ and ‘sea’ allows the growth of elegant, fresh, long-lived wines with very original traits. 

The cold winters and warm, breezy summers, the altitude of the slopes and exposure, and the marly, limestone, and clay soils give life to Gavi, Grande Bianco Piemontese, the standard-bearer of the best local products. In every glass, one finds the harmony of the characteristics that make this terroir unique and unmistakable.